Saturday, June 21, 2008

We love Turkey

We love Turkey.

This was the first time out with my camera since the incident last weekend and I was feeling anything but confident as I set off on my bike for Mercatorplein, the other side of the city in Old West. This is where the Turkish people meet after their side has managed to pull off another amazing last minute victory - yesterday with the last kick of the ball, just a few seconds after having gone 1-0 down.

The atmosphere at Mercatorplein was amazing. Thousands of people with the red and white Turkish flags, many with red and white faces, cars hooting their horms, fireworks and flares being let off, people singing and dancing and generally being very happy.

I had nothing to worry about with my camera and many people, like this chap above wanted to pose for the photo, I even got kissed a few times by various people. There was no hont of aggression, no security guards, the police were being patient as the roads were blocked up with carloads of happy peoplewaving flags and so on.

It has been a great joy to watch Turkey this Euro 2008 and see them come back from 1-0 down against Switzerland, 2-0 against Czech Republic and now 1-0 down against Croatia. Incredible... they have made the semi-finals and been in the lead for just nine minutes in their matches. Good luck to Turkey in the semi-final against Germany!


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