Sunday, June 29, 2008

Three years blog

Himba children with donkey, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Yes, it was three years ago today that we opened our blog. We were trying out a few ways to kep in touch with everone while we were travelling through Midele East and Africa, and blogspot was the one we stuck with. A week later, we had found Flickr and were uploading the first photos on there.

We have now had over 120,000 visits to the blog and probably over 200,000 page views, whilst on flickr we are nearly up to a million photostream visits and 4 million clicks in total (photostream, photos and sets), which is quite phenomal.

It has been quite a joy to be able to share ones thoughts, experiences and photos with such a wide audience. Being very lucky to travel and travelling, as we do to some of the less visited places, it is great to be able to portray positive images of far-off place, where the mass media carries mainly negative ones.

This was one of my most favourite scenes during our trip. It was the end of our first day in Kaokoland and we were in Himba country. There were four children with a donkey who were walking home. The light was perfect and I managed to take some wonderful photos, one of which is one of my favourites of all my photos, the first to get to a thousand views and for a long time, number one on explore (on flickr) and the most interesting photo (on flickr).

This is another photo from the series which I uploaded this morning.

Thank you everyone for having come here and I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen and read.


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