Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Snow in April


Stuck at Liverpool airport – the John Lennon airport – and I am sure he is so very happy to have an airport named after him, where fascistic security guards bark at you for using your mobile phone, where others remove all of Fred’s toiletries from his bag. My flight to Paris has been cancelled, but fortunately I also had a prior flight arranged back to Amsterdam, so I am taking this one… when it arrives, or rather when it leaves as we have just been informed that we will be having an hour’s delay… the joys of flying. It is all due to the fact that a bit of snow fell in the London area and the fact, more importantly, that the authorities and companies responsible for ensuring that we get from A to B were woefully unprepared.

Goodness knows how I am going to get to Grenoble tomorrow, before more than half the day has gone and this week was going to be particularly busy at work. Oh well…. Maybe I will work overtime tomorrow.

Anyway, it was quite fun earlier on, in the snow in Buxton in the Pennines, where we had met up with Diana, James and Harry. Nice big flakes and yet wet enough not to settle on the roads, therefore not creating any hazards, as they love to warn us about on the BBC weather forecasts. We had been staying at Dad’s in The Wirral and had the chance to meet Diana and the boys for a short afternoon before going back to Liverpool and so we chose Buxton, Pennine spa town as the place to meet. Very nice and not so snobby as Harrogate on the other side of the Pennines, we spent most of the time in and around the park, outside the Victorian Conservatory and Opera House, mostly in the sunshine.


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