Thursday, April 03, 2008

On the tracks

On the tracks, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

We are off to England tomorrow, flying to Liverpool with Easyjet where we pick up a car and drive to my father's place on the Wirral. Tomorrow evenig we will go out for dinner to celebrate his birthday from last Monday.

Saturday sees us at the Grand National and Sunday we should be meeting Diana and the boys in the Pennines, which may be white because of some forecast snow.

It was cold and windy and wet when I went to the Grand National three years ago, but that was after a warm and sunny Cheltenham. It really does seem ages since we had any decent weather, months really.

Nothing much more on the tips front, just that the Irish could be in the winning mood again and King John's Castle (what a terrible name for a horse) has run some good races, although we wouldn't know if he stayed the distance.

I found some nice photographs from our 42 hour journey on the Tazara Express to put onto Flickr. Won't be on for a few days, I think.


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