Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My colleagues and me on Brighton pier

I have just been in Brighton for the past three days attending a European Controllers Meeting with my company. I had a lot of work to prepare the meeting, the contents and the slides during the previous two weeks. It was finally good to get it done and I think most people were very happy with the meeting. I was happy in the amount of feedback we had from my colleagues and also with the variety of the things we did. I like to think I was fairly imaginative about the agenda.

We had colleagues from France, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Spain and UK and US. A pity Greece and Italy and South Africa could turn up...

The weather in Brighton was excellent with the sun shining the whole time, it feeling quite warm even yesterday. It made the town quite attractive. We stayed at the very excellent Royal York Hotel, near the main pier. It had been re-furbished and only open for less than two months. Beautiful it was and excellent food and helpful young staff. Massive beds and lovely wall paper.

Unfortunately, I have come back with a terrible cough, which I hope I can shake off soon. Maybe a few days off the alcohol might change things.


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