Thursday, March 27, 2008

It is strange how well things work out sometimes...

Where did SHE come from?, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

It is strange how well things work out sometimes.

Every time I need a new camera, which is about every two years, Sony seems to come out with a new model which exactly suits my needs.

The current camera, the R1 was bought around this time two years ago after the previous had stopped working properly. The R1 was just out and was seen to be an improvement on the 828 which I had before.

Likewise, the 828 had just come out when my previous camera packed up and i ended up buying almost the first model to be sold in Holland.

Now recentlty, I have been looking at buying a DSLR, where i can take advantage of different lenses and faster reactions and a camera which does better in low light situations than my Sony's. However, i really love the swivel screen which allows you to take photos at hip level, without looking through the lens, which gives one tremendous opportunities for taking photos of people without them noticing.

So, I come back from Stockholm and everywhere I see adverts for a new Sony Alpha 350 which IS a DSLR and DOES have a swivel screen, which apparently is much faster than the one on the R-1. Just what I wanted! And, it seems not to be too expensive.

There is also a Canon 450 which has a swivel screen, so I can have a llok at that, but I have been happy with the Sony's, even though they do not seem to be made to last more than two years, albeit I subject them to pretty heavy use...


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