Thursday, March 27, 2008

And sometimes, things just don´t go your way

I had to go to Brussels for a visa - or rather two. The website said the Embassy is open from 09.00 to 15.15.

Fred without knowing anything about it says this morning that I should be there before 12.00.

I get there, after a delayed train journey at 14.00. The doors aned gates are closed.

Fred qwas right.

And now I have to look for a cheap hotel in Brussels, not having the telephone numbers of my friends here and not really wantting to impose myself at such short notice...

Oh yes, and just round the corner from the Embassy I spot a Sony shop., so a perfect opportunity to have a look nat the new 350 camera I was just talking about.... only they do not come out in Belgium until next week...

It is raining...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wanneer ga je eens naar je vriendje luisteren. Je leert het ook nooit.
Beter een uur te vroeg, dan helemaal niks.
Goh, lijkt moeder overste wel;-)))

28 March, 2008 17:31  

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