Sunday, December 02, 2007

A winter break in Stockholm

Stockholm headwear - Russian, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

I am back in Stockholm, this time for a major managers' meeting, which take place on Monday and Tuesday. This eveing we went out for drinks and dinner, although most of teh others will turn up tomorrow.

I arrived with a very bad cold and there was nothing I wanted to do more yesterday than to go to sleep all daty, but I had to catch my (cheap) flight over here. Left the Amsterdam sunshine to rain and wind and darkness over here. A nice warm hotel room and a comfortable bed and BBC World and I stayed in most of the evening, apart from a fish dinner (with incredibly slow - but Scandinavian) service.

Felt a whole lot better today and the sun was out so I went out with the camera to take some photos. Strange to be here again without Fred, but he was enjoying a nice cosy weekend at home.

Here are a few Russian women wearing fur. In Amsterdam there are many posters with the message 'Fur is Murder', much like 'Meat is Murder'. Is there much of a difference between meat and fur?


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