Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Sparkling Diamond of Africa

A week ago this photo was averaging 100 views a day on flickr. It comes up very highly on a yahoo search for 'Africa'.
Since they censored my account, it is down to less than 10 a day.

I have finally received a response flickr as follows:

Hello, (not even using my name)

There is still a good amount of content in your photostream
that needs to be moderated if you would like your account
classified as "safe".
The "safe" area of the Flickr site must be free of all
frontal/rear nudity, sexual suggestive content, thong/butt
shots, etc...
Feel free to write back in for a re-review of your account
status after you have made the necessary changes.


Should I be ashamed of this photo? Does some irty mind see a sexual suggestive content? Should National Geographic magazine be put on the top shelf? What kind of world are the 'thought police' of flickr living on?


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