Sunday, December 16, 2007

Daffodils in December - it shouldn't be like this

Whether it is caused by human-induced climate change or genetic manipulation... it should not be like this. We don't want to see Daffodils flowering until March. GIVE US BACK OUR SEASONS.

At least, we are finally having some frosts and experiencing some proper winter weather. The sun shone all day and it was beautiful, just turning much colder once the sun went down... time for gloves and scarves. Let's hope we finally get a proper winter this year.

In the meantime, we have had to cut down the honeysuckle which was growing at the back of the house and which ahsd been allowed to creep up the spiral staircase and envelope itself around the upstairs balcony, this because the bbalconies are having to be restored. There was a lot of honeysuckle and it made a very big pile in the garden. What to do about it? Fred suggested cutting it all up and putting it all into bags whilst I thought it might be easier to burn. I had long fantasised about having a bonfire at the back of the house and gere was my chance, It was a cold and grey day and no-one would really have their windows open. However, once the fire started going, it gave off a lot of smoke and in the shortest of time, we had people standing outside on the street wondering what was going on, and people coming around the back to do the same. I wasn't wanting to cause much of a stir, so had to give up just as we were getting started. I am going to leave the honeysuckle out on the paving stones and wioat for it to disintegrate and compost as it is.


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