Sunday, December 16, 2007


Our friend again, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Hello CharlesFred,

We've changed the safety level of your photostream to "moderate".

As per our Community Guidelines, content like that in your account is not considered "safe" for everyone to view. You may or may not be aware that Flickr has a Safe Search system. When people browse or search on Flickr, they can filter what they see based on a safety level that they are comfortable with - either Safe Search is on, set to
moderate, or off. In order for Safe Search to work, we relying on *you* to filter your content appropriately. As you upload stuff to Flickr, you need to make sure that you're applying appropriate filters (safe, moderate or restricted) and telling us what sort of content it is
(photos, screenshots, art & illustration). If you don't apply filters correctly, there's a very good chance another member will let us know - in fact that's why we've taken action today. (No need to be upset - it's every member's right to let us know if they ever feel uncomfortable. Yours too.)

We want Flickr to be a place that everyone can enjoy. That means making sure that potentially offensive content is filtered from public, safe areas of the site. If you read our Community Guidelines, you'll see the key points are: play nice, upload photos that you have taken yourself, and respect the fact that there are millions of people visiting
Flickr who may not see the world the same way you do.
Use your common sense about whether or not your content is suitable for a global, public audience. If the answer is no, you need to filter it from public view. You should also know that if we receive another report about your content or conduct, it's very likely we'll terminate your account.

So, please take a moment to find out how to work with safety levels, use 'em, and everybody's happy!


The long and the short of it, is that probably some frustrated American Christian has complained about some photos of naked people in Africa. It means that if you click onto any of the photos on this blog, you can no longer get onto flickr unless you, yourself are logged in and have your safe search filter switched off. Censorship. It feels very uncomfortable.

Anyway, I have self-censored some of the photos which I think might be 'risky' and asked flickr to switch me back to safe again. We'll see what happens...


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