Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh England, whatever happened?

England lost a week ago to Croatia, a country which made it to the World Cup finals in 1998 in France and a team with some very good players. Thanks to Israel they had only to win or draw to be certain of making it to teh European Championships next year. Instead they lost, with some pretty poor team selections and some poor performances on the pitch.

England were missing their captain, John Terry, who had an injured leg. Now, according to The News Of The World, John Terry had been seen dancing the night away at Shaun Wright-Phillips' 70,000 euro birthday party at a night club in London. Despote his injured leg he was dancing with a lap dancer, whilst one of his England and Chelsea footballer colleagues was apparently having oral sex in the corridor.

No wonder that these over paid people can't be bothered to perform for their country if they are expending all their energies on prostitutes in night clubs. Terrible.. the corruption of money.


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