Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Axum, old propaganda poster

Axum, old propaganda poster, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Here we are still in Axum... with a photo from the time of the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea, much of which was fought in the country just to the north of Axum.

Interestingly enough, the town to the east of Axum is Adwa where the Ethiopians beat the Italian invaders in 1896, in a famous military battle. The British were so happy about this that Queen Victoria ended up signing away almost half of Somaliland, namely the Ogaden, to the Ethiopian Emperor to show our gratitude.

And now, the Ethiopian Dictator, who incidentally is from the very same town of Adwa, is showing his appreciation to Queen Victoria by oppressing the Somalis living in the Ogaden, denying them food supplies, killing their leaders and banning their organisations.

As I said before, if he doesn't want those people in his country, he can give that land back to the people who belong there, namely the Somalis and for that matter, he can move his troops back out of what is officially Somalia as well.


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