Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anniversary time again...

Modderbad in Turkije, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Yes, it is 11th September again, which means it is our anniversary, the day we mark being the day we met each other in a bar in Earls Court in London, back in 1984.

Fred has been to work, whilst I stayed at home* and did my work behind the computer, whilst also tidying up the house a bit and cooking a cottage pie for dinner. We had agreed to wait until autumn for the first cottage pie and although it is not yet autumn yet, the evenings are getting shorter and without any sun, it feels like autumn already.

In the meantime, I was happy to welcome Mar round for a cup of coffee earlier this afternoon (and thank you very much for the chocolates!). I also saw Henk later on and he turned up with a lovely bunch of flowers, which was nice.

The champagne is in the fridge, having waited since my birthday to be drunk and we'll be drinking a delicious Catena Malbec from Argentina to accompany the cottage pie.

We are suppsoed to be going to a public meeting organised to support the fountain against those silly women who would have it switched off. The meeting starts at 8 pm, but I doubt we'll be fulfilling our civic and neighbourly duties. We'll see.

(By the way, this was us having a mudbath near Dalyan in Turkey on our holiday there four years ago).

* - Fred tells me it was a good thing that I did not try to go to work as the track around Breukelen was closed causing serious disruption this morning... oh well.


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