Sunday, August 12, 2007

Whatever happened to the 1970's?

Stockholm Pride - The March, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Last night we went to a 1970's party. It was great fun and people were still dancing away when we left at about 3.30 this morning. Quite a few of us were dressed in 1970's style, including our hosts who had got their costumes from a costume shop, complete with afro wigs, pink sunglasses and scarves and the like. No platform heels as far as I can tell. There were a couple of San Francisco-style gay men with shorts, and moustaches, a few other afro wigs and then me with my early-1970's hard rock wig.

I brought a hastily prepared CD of music from the 1970's, but it was clear it would not be needed as right from the start we were in the land of Disco, with all the disco classics from the time including We Are Family, Relight My Fire, I Will Survive, Boogie Wonderland, Le Freak and so on. THIS has become what the 1970's is being remembered for in terms of popular culture, even though at the time it had to share the spotlight with punk, ska, Grease, heavy rock and so on.

The associated afro wigs and flares and platform heels must come from one or two films made in and around the disco subculture of maybe New York.... Yet, denim suits and polyester blouses and heavy woolen lumberjack jackets were much more of a part of the 1970's than these. Likewise, the association of the 1960's with the California hippie culture.

All good fun, I am sure, and it IS more fun to dress up like a disco dolly than a striking dockworker but it is strange how history gets re-written and how we all embrace easy stereotypes.

In the meantime, it is a lovely summer's day (OK, a bit cloudy) so time now to go out on the bike and get my daily exercise, hopefully before the threatened rain arrives.

Thanks, boys, for the party we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


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