Thursday, August 09, 2007

Een beetje bloot mag wel... in Stockholm

Sorry Mum, they are back again... and there are still quite a few to be uploaded. Another miserable day here weatherwise, which will make the weekend seem all the better when the sun comes out, I hope!

We have just arranged a flight together out to Madrid for later in the month. I can work for three and a half days and spend the weekend in Madrid, while Fred has all the time he likes to wander around town, have his siestas and visit museums. And, Mum, they already had a Europride festival earlier in the summer, so no more of that...

Last night we had Eric around, the night before Henk and the night before our upstairs neighbours but this evening we are at home together. Eric brought round his laptop yesterday and showed us teh photos of his holiday in Turkey, which he had with his two children on a trip organised ofr families with children, ensuring there was enough time spent at hotels with nice swimming pools.

They followed alomst exactly the same path as we had taken on our holidays in August 1991- to Istanbul, Troy, Pergamon and Ephesus. Then they went to Pammukale and Kas before ending up in Dalyan, whereas we had gone to Kusadsi and Bodrum before ending up in Dalyan and catching a flight back up to Istanbul.

It was interesting to compare photos, not just to see if tegh places had stayed the same and whether or not we had taken the same photos from the same places (almost in a few instances), but also to see how we looked like in our young thirties - a lot more hair and a lot less flesh! However, without looking anything like as lean or muscled as the friendly chap in this photo...


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