Thursday, June 14, 2007

Off to Oirland

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Yes, indeed, we are off to Oirland, The Emerald Isle, the land of my forefathers, tonight!

Not only are we going to Oirland, but we are alos going to Wexford, which is where my great grandfather, the father of my paternal grandmother came from. The Mernaghs came from Coolamurry, a small hamlet/farm, near Enniscorthy, just above Wexford Town. Wexford is in the south-east corner of Oirland and there is said to be a bit of a Viking influence there as that is where the Vikings had their main base on the island. I assume there will be lots of redheads and people with green eyes. I wonder. Not like this chap here, spotted at The Derby, who has a more Celtic look with his dark hair and dark eyes.

Tomorrow, we will be meeting my father and Breda, his ladyfriend, at La Dolce Vita for lunch, after which we will go to an open-air opera (what happens when it rains, as it no doubt will?), followed by dinner. I think they are leaving the next day which'll give us time to explore more of the town, the surrounding countryside and the land of (some of) my fore-fathers. So, we will probably have an enforced blog break.

In the meantime, you will notice that this chap, like so many these days is revealing his underpants, just above the trousers. well, last night I was contacted by a chap in the US who wanted to use a photo of mine, from flickr, to illustrate an article he had written about 'saggy pants'. Apparently the mayor of a certain twon over there wants to ban them and give people fines if they have saggy pants.He said that he has nothing against saggy pants but thinks people who wear them should use discretion. "It's gotten way out of hand out here." Is anyone complaining?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Is anyone complaining?" .... well, I for one am! Unfortunately they keep pulling them back up before they reach their knees. If they would just leave them alone, let them drop and step out of them while continuing on their way I would be much happier!

15 June, 2007 16:51  

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