Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Good day, not-so-good day

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Yesterday a good day, today not such a good one.

Yesterday, I was phoned up twice by recruiters who told me that the people who had interviewed me last week were very interested in seeing me again and I already have another interview planned for next Tuesday.

Further, while flicking through the BBC Radio 2 website on my way to the Eurovision messageboard, I noticed a photo of Marc Almond, with a notice that the BBC will be recording a concert with their BBC Concert Orchestra and that they were giving away tickets, which could be applied for. They will record songs from Marc's new album, Stardust Road, which is out on 4th June. This will be Marc's first album release since his near fatal motrobike crash of two years ago. I had missed out on his recent concerts at Wiltons Music Hall, in London, which I ahev heard were absolutely wonderful. Anyway, by using my Mum's address (thanks, Mum!), I managed to apply for tickets and immediately got a response to say that I was successful and that they woudl be sending electronic tickets to me a week before the concert which is on 30th May. Excellent.

Spent the rest of the day listening to Marc's 1990 album Enchanted, which is very upbeat and uptempo. (I made the mistake earlier today of putting his 2001 album - released on my 40th birthday - Stranger Things - very doomy and gloomy - not good for my mood - hmmm).

And, to round off an excellent day, I went to the bookies to watch the 4.00 race from Kelso, where my dear friend Ballycassidy came from third place at the last fence to gain his 15th win (from 55 races) to give me my third straight winner in a row!

Today, I was phoned to be told that a job which I really wanted here in Amsterdam is no longer vacant or available. A pity, but at least it is clear and I can concentrate better on the other opportunities.

On the other hand, I had a lovely visit from Mar, for a coffee earlier and the sun is shining, so time for a cycle ride before the next shower.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with the job interviews man.


09 May, 2007 20:20  

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