Sunday, April 01, 2007

Homosexual tendencies

Where we left off last summer, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

I found a site about magic mushrooms, which looks a lot like it has been set up by some Dutch people. it can be found on this link: magic mushrooms.

In the bit about sex it warns: "Sex is a bit repressed in our society, but lots of people like to experiment with sex and drugs, in all kinds of combinations and with all kinds of substances. This can be fun although the lust, the libido, on a trip will often come and go in waves, you'll get easily distracted. Especially because we often have deep frustrations and wounds in this area, this can result in deep encounters and unexpected landscapes during a trip. It can be quite scary to see what lives deep inside you, what almost all of us keep secret, while we often condemn it in others. Unsuspected homosexual tendencies can easily startle you. Be reassured, everyone has similar feelings deep down, that doesn't necessarily mean that this will change your `normal' behavior.

I am absolutely not planning on trying paddos or any other sort of drugs but I certainly would be startled to find any hetrosexual tendencies deep down. But, who knows?

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