Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Young man of the forest

Young man of the forest, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

These are the beech trees at the top of the hill above my Mum's house in Crewkerne. Unfortuantely, the tree on the right has fallen over, blaown down in a recent storm, the roots not able to cling onto the rain softened ground. Nick was due to go up there today with a powerful electric saw to start cutting it up for firewood, but the site is being surveyed and he was told that he couldn't take a friend's Land Rover up there. Maybe later in the week.

It is a beautiful sunny day, warm in the sun and away from the cool wind, blue sky with cotton white clouds passing by.

Channel Four coverage of the racing starts in half an hour, the main race, the Champion Hurdle scheduled to go off at 3.15, where I still think Hardy Eustace has a great chance, albeit as the 3-1 second favourite.

Mum will be misisng the race as she has Tai Chi on a Tuesday afternoon and she will be carrying her broadsword down the High Street on the way to the Town Hall. In May, she, together with her group, will be giving a demonstration at the Bath and West Show.


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