Thursday, March 08, 2007

Catching the warm spring sunshine

I caught this bit of grafitti under the motorway, the girl in question bathing in the beam of sunlight thrown down between the two sections of the road. I wonder if she was painted there on purpose.

Anyway, it was a nice cycle ride out to the very western reaches of Amsterdam, almost all the way to Schiphol to pick up my new residence permit - the one to replace the one which was stolen last year. Despite the fact that I twice sent copies of my police report to the Ministry which deals with such applications, it turned out that I was due to bring yet another copy with me in order to pick up the card. Of course, I did not have it and I think I even threw away all the paper relating to the police report, thinking that the insurance money is in and who could need to see it any more? So, if I can find a copy by any rare chance, I think I'll be off again there tomorrow, although we have not been promised the lovely weather we have had today. We'll see.


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