Saturday, March 10, 2007

300,000 flickr views

Midyat - Yacim - two, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Another landmark on flickr, with the third 100,000 views being clocked up today, this last taking just 83 days, after 110 days for the second 100,000 and 419 days for the first. Since coming back from Sourth East Asia, I have been mainly going through the old sets of photos, looking for photos which, for one reason or anither never made it to flickr the first time around. It is like taking another journey around such places as Jordan, Eritrea, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Namibia and, more recently, Turkey. Here is a picture of a delightful young chap we met in Midyat, Yacim, who we first saw being pushed around in a wheel barrow by his elder brother Ahmed.

Depending on jobs etc, we are thinking of spending a summer holiday either in Sicily or in Northern/North Eastern Turkey, so much do we enjoy being in Turkey.

I have a bit of a cold today, so will sit inside, catching the sunshine, curled up reading a (heavily discounted) Jenny Pitman book, to get me really in the mood for Cheltenham next week.

I missed out on the club-avond last night and watched the first episode of Castaway on the BBC, filling in time before going to bed. I stayed watching, not because I was the least bit interested in any of the characters (who thankfully are not so-called celebrities) but because of the presenter - Danny Wallace. What a great guy he is.... more about him, maybe, another day.

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