Friday, February 16, 2007

Mad elephants and hot dogs

South Africa - and a shake to the riiiight
We were face to face with this great African elephant in the Umfolzi National Park, us two in a small Kia and the elephant happily spraying himself in the middle of the road. The Dutch national news likes to end every bulletin these days with some light/happy/good news and today we were treated to the sight of an elephant going mad at a polo match in Sri Lanka and attacking a Kia van! Fred was very happy to se this with a 'told you so' look on his face!

He is feeling a bit rough just now, but has been up most of the day, keeping inside. His upper jaw is very bruised and swollen, the skin having been held back for two hours yesterday, but he takes the pain killers every now and then.

I was sent out to buy soft things and came back with yoghurts, soft cakes, soft buns and frankenfurters.. so Fred had hot dogs for dinner this evening, the buns smeared with a mixture of mustard and mayonnaise... mmmmmmm!!! Nice to treat oneself to some real junk food every now and then!


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