Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Himba boy with goats

Himba boy with goats, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

My picture of the day today... while I am still mining the photos I managed to take during our time with the Himba people of Kaokoland, in north-western Namibia. So nice to find ones which haven't yet been 'published'.

I saw earlier a remark about the one third/two third rule for photographs whereby a photo can/should be split one third/two thirds on the vertical and the horizontal. I am not generally a one for obeying the rules but this one does, in general, seem to be a good one. In this case, not so easy to achieve.... it sort of works on the vertical with the ground taking up the bottom third, but the boy is centred more at 60:40 than 67:33, but with the goat behind him, I didn't have a lot of choice. A pity, but one cannot expect them all to work out.

Further, today Fred returns (by himself this time) to the dentist to have the stitches out of his jaw) and then has to wait six months until his crowns get screwed in.

I will take the opportunity to return to the gym, to follow up the step I made yesterday in going back there for the first time since leaving for the Far East in October. I was more than a little surprised to see an advert for wine tasting evening (already passed) as I am not exactly sure that wine tasting fits in too well with the aims of keeping fit and healthy as espoused by the gym. Unfortunately, at any wine tasting which we attend, we end up like Patsy and Edina in France!

In the meantime, its a strange thing but I could not find anything on the BBC about the split in the Anglican church at the weekend, despite this being discussed in depth on the BBC's Heaven and Earth programme at the weekend. For news about the internal rumblings in the Anglican Church, a better site is the rainbow network news site, from where we can read that there has been a delay and a compromise made, whereby the Anglican church in the US has six months to change its policy with regards to ordaining gay priests and blessing same sex partnerships, in which they have been asked to exercise restraint. Back to where they were before then....

Interestingly, there is talk about the Anglican church returning to the Catholic church and submitting to the authority of the pope... the very same pope who is waging a war with the democratically elected government in Italy on their stance on regulating affairs for non-married couples.


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