Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Station

Happy Station, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Just back from the Art Launch disco at Studio 80 where Martijn played a modern day version of the Italo-disco classic from the early 1980's, Happy Station by Fun Fun. They don't make songs like this anymore. Just wonderful.

I even managed to find a video or two of this song on You Tube (click here), how great is that? Never seen the girls before, and I am amazed at teh way they are dancing. Anyway, it turns out that it was Ivana Spagna who sung the lyrics. She is a sort of latter day rafaella Carra with spikey blond hair who later in the 80's had a couple of international hits, namely Call Me and Every Boy and Girl, still Italo trash disco, but less scratchy. She later went on to less commercial more serious music, whuch I have not yet heard, although no doubt it is all over You Tube and My Space

To top a great evening, it was such a pleasure to hear the blackbirds singing on the cycle home, adding their song to the chorus of robins which have accompanied us throughout the winter. And, by the way, sound director of The Queen, the birds do not sing in early September. OK?


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