Saturday, February 10, 2007


Here we were a week ago, down on the beach, the sun lighting everything up and giving us warmth. A week later and we are back to a real Dutch winter, cold and grey, with an easterly wind blowing. Well, we said we liked the seasons, so we will feel all the better when spring comes around.

I am supposed to be going to a party this evening, but I do not have the address of my friend, having never been to his house and having received the invitation by e-mail. The computer is broken and in to be mended, so I have no access to my e-mails, nor my addresses. My friend is not listed in the telephone directory and nor can I trace him through a search engine. I do not know his friends either, so cannot ask them... so... it looks as if I'll be staying at home this evening. A pity... and it makes one realise just how dependent we are on computers.

Yesterday, I mentioned that a Belgian couple refused to be married by a black man, well Fred tells me that this black man is now the most requested civil servant for wedding services in Belgium.

While we are talking about race, I am interested to read that Barack Obama is going to be running for the Presidency of the US, not so much that I am that bothered with the hype about an election which will tak eplace in almost two years time, but because he is almost always referred to as black. With a 'black' father and a ' white' (or, as they like to say in the US, Caucasian) mother, he would seem to be as much black as he is white, so why is he always referred to as black?

What's extra nice about Obama is that he IS a Christian who opposes the death penalty, wants controls on guns and supports gay marriage. Let's hope he wins... maybe he will be someone who finally gives Christians a good name over there.


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