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A change of season here, back to the hot hot days of summer on Blijburg beach for us to consider what the new government wants to do. Namely, it wants to allow civil servants the right to refuse to officiate at weddings where both partners are of the same sex. I will not call this a gay wedding, because here in Holland, we do not have a separate concept of a wedding for gay people and adifferent wedding for straight people. There is one type of wedding and it is open to any two people, albeit they are over a certain age.

So, to repeat. thanks to the religious Christian influence in the government, they want to allow civil servants to REFUSE to officiate at certain weddings, even though this is their job.

To put this into perspective, we heard that last week in Belgium a (straight) couple refused to be married by a BLACK civil servant, because they did not like black people. This was, rightly, condemned as unacceptable racism.... how could people DARE to think like this in this day and age?

Is it really any different to discriminate against gay people in the same way? And to allow professional people to discriminate? I don't think so and I know that the only reason why they are allowed to do so is because they cling to some outdated ideas which go under the name of religion.

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Blogger :) said...

marriage is a christian tradition! homosexuality is considered wrong in christianity! why then would homosexuality be accepted in a christian tradition?!

21 March, 2009 18:41  

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