Thursday, January 11, 2007

More good news about Somaliland!

Yes, indeed, this time for Somaliland as I read on the Somaliland Times site* that Saudi Arabia has lifted its embargo on the import of livestock from Somaliland.

This means that Somali pastoralists will be able to achieve better prices for their goats, sheep and camels(?) and also that Somaliland can further develop the facilities at the port of Berbera from where the livestock can be shipped up the coast of the Red Sea. (This apparently has caused a spat between Djibouti and Somaliland, whereby our dear friend the Consular-General of Somaliland in Djibouti has been kicked out, as Djibouti likes to take the credit for brokering teh deal with the Saudis but has itself very little livestock to export as a result of continued drought there - oh well, Somaliland deserves a break!)

Excellent news!

* - good also to see that this sister paper of Haatuf is still publishing, although there was no news (as of Saturday) about whether the three have been released or charged.

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