Friday, December 01, 2006

A wet day in Hue

My Son - Charles and Richard, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Just back from an excellent tour of the countryside around Hue with Tuu and Tee, taking in Bunker Hill, a Buddhist monastery, markets, a statue of Bamboo Tom, fishing villages, buffalos, ducks, Ho Chi Minh's house, cemeteries, old bridges and boat people. It rained after about a couple of hours, but we put on thin plastic covers, looking a bit like condoms and now only our feet and shoes are wet. We had been promised rain for so long, so it was only appropriate that we should get it here in Hue, which is renowned as one of the wettest places in Vietnam, That notwithstanding, we really like Hue, especially Richard. Our guides, Tuu and Tee were both excellent, and Tuu especially had a great sense of humour, always smiling. Highlight would have been the visit to the monastery where we saw about 4-50 dark clothed monks (and nuns) walking around the lake of the pagoda in meditation, in a scene reminiscent of the elves, walking through the woods of the Shire as they head out for the West.

No time to put the photos up yet, as we are catching the night train from here to Hanoi. We leave just before 5, and arrive at 4.30 in the morning where we will be picked up by people from our hotel there - Hanoi Guesthouse and can finish off our sleep in comfort there.


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