Monday, December 18, 2006

A visit to the zoo

The last full day of the holiday and we spent most of the time trying to make sure there is room for us on our flights back home. As it happened, Richard had been bumped off and it took him some guile to get his seats back so he now has a re-confirmation. I went more than anything else to check the time of my flights and was told variously that ceratin parts of my journey were no longer confirmed. Anyway, it now turns out that I have a place back to London, but none on the BMI connection flight to Amsterdam. There was a simialr problem on the way out, which was resolved, so I am hoping for the same again this time. I rue the time I did not book the KLM flights on these dates, only to see the rpice increase by 250 euro the next day, which is what brought me to Gulf Air. I am really not that impressed with Gulf Air, and they seem to lag behind Emirates and Qatar Air, if their publicity can be believed.

Anyway, suffering a bit from travelling fatigue, I did not make the best use of my day and spent teh afternoon at te quite sad zoo they have here. I remembered the zoo from when we lived here as we used to drive past it and I would get excited to see the elephants. Well, I managed te see the elephants which looked reasonably well and happy, although it would no longer be possible to see them from teh road. For the rest, there were some tigers, leopards, sakes, a red panda and some biting hippopotami and lots of birds. Not recommeneded as the best way to spend a free day in Bangkok.

Funnily enough, I got a lift back to the hotel from the chap here in blue, who I had photographed last time we were in Bangkok. Then we would not have taken motorbikes, being too scared, but onow we are old hands and the motorbikes are a lot faster through teh traffic, if not necessarily any cheaper than taxis or tuk-tuks.

Dinner and beer time now.



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