Friday, December 08, 2006

Looking like so many Father Christmases

Here are the Red Dzao people, the women dress in these red cloth scarves, bordered with white, making them look like so many Father Christmases.

We took motorbikes to the Ta Phin village, about 12 km north of Sa Pa. We could very easily have stayed in Sa Pa, but our curiosity got the better of us.

Here we were each joined by about three women eager to sell us things whilst accompanying us aorund town (following us basically). We were then morally obliged to buy their products, so it seemed, but there was no obvious bad feeling when we bought nothing or from one of the other ladies. We were shown inside their houses and also taken to a wedding party, which in its third and last day seemed to have already peaked!

Tomorrow we will walk to a Red Dzao village and ome back to Sa Pa in time for the Love Market, more on which, tomorrow, I hope.

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