Monday, December 11, 2006

Baby of the day

I love these woollen hats for the babies. It was only after leaving Bac Ha that I realsied it would have been nice to buy one or two, but time was short, so not enough time to take photos, eat and buy (and bargain for) things. I did buy some scarves though.. any takers?

We are now back in Hanoi, after a good night's sleep on the night train, arriving as planned at 6.00 am, since when we hgave been waiting to get into a room at the Blue Sky Hotel. Richard is up therev now, so I will join him. Cool and cloudy here again, as it was last time we were here. A good thing we decided not to go to Ha LOng Bay, as it'd've been freezing there, apparently. Time to visit teh Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, I think.

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