Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Bahrain - pastel scarves, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

A five hour delay on the tarmac in London, after we had already left the bay, so we had to stay on board, followed by a six hourflight to Bahrain, meant that we had missed the connecting flight to Bangkok. It also means an unforseen 22 hours here in sweltering Bahrain, courtesy of Gulf Air.

I have been walking around the older areas of Manama City, known as the gold souk, taking lots of colourful photgraphs, as usual. It is very Indian, as I expected, the India and having come here to do the work the locals do not want to do. It is a very cosmopolitan mix, although the streets and buildings themselves are pretty scrappy, unlike the new modern Dubai-style buildings further out of the centre. Bahrain is an island and in the dark of last night I did make out a small port with some wooden fishing boats, but I have not seen the water today.

Not really all that much to say, so I wil go out and see if I can cpature some more photographs before it starts geting darker.



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