Thursday, July 20, 2006

Do I look like a blogger?

I was interested to read a BBC article about a young woman who lost her job because she wrote in her blog about goings-on in her workplace, without however mentioning anyone's name or even the name of the company she was working for. So much for our lovely freedoms here/there - it was a nasty French firm sacking a poor English woman... hissssss..... The article went on to mention all sorts of other problems bloggers have had with their employers, some others having lost their jobs as well.

Anyway, it was quite by coincidence that in my last blog I mentioned by name two of the managers of the company I worked for for nine years. I also mentioned the company name and I was very negative about these two people in particular. There were more bad American managers but these were the worst. And guess what? I was already made redundant by the company, so they can't do it again and... the company has been dissolved (by me), so no damage can have been done. He he he... so I can write what I like!

I am not usually such a vengeful person, but these two people did destroy what there was of the nice company I used to work for, using Bush-like approaches to international issues... in the way I described below.

Good luck to all the other bloggers out there, writing what they like. Don't let the buggers get you down.


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