Thursday, April 27, 2006

The trip to Sardegna - a day out to Bosa

Sardegna - Bosa backstreet, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

The sun was shining over the bay, so after a breakfast on the verandah overlooking the quiet blue sea, we sat out on the beach chairs catching some welcome sun. Just then some clouds started building up and all of a sudden it seemed to be like an English beach holiday, warm enough only when the sun shines, which it did ever so often as a cloud moved on.

Time to get going, so we took the car down towards Alghero and along the coast to Bosa. A spectacular drive around the cliffs, with 700 metre mountains on the left and a deep blue sea far down on the right. The cliffs were cladded in yellow flowers of all different sorts, from gorse to euphorbia, to dandelions, daisies and vetch. A beautiful sight.

Arriving in the port of Bosa around lunchtime, it all looked pretty deserted, so we went inland to Bosa itself, past the Ringland circus, with its beautiful white Arab horses. A very pretty town Bosa, situated on a hill next to a river. The houses are brightly painted, all different colours, which is strange for Italy. Pinks, yellows, ochres, greens and whites dominated.

Found a place to sit in the sun and taste some Sardinian fast food before walking around town, up past the cemetery with its characteristic murals, up to the old castle, with its fabulous views over the town and back down again, through narrow cobbled streets, past narrow tall houses, a bit reminiscent of Amsterdam, down to the river, along which were moored many colourful boats, to the museum, the local wine bar, the horse and donkey butcher, the cathedral and so on. Although obviously Italian, it had a different feel to most Italian places and I would learn that many medium sized Sardinian towns do have a sense of uniqueness.

Back at the hotel, it was dinner and Champions League again, Arsenal beating Villareal 1-0, without looking as good as they had played in their previous four matches against a side who played better than their previous opponents.


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