Friday, April 28, 2006

Orechiette on the balcony

Orrechiette on the balcony, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

We have Diana, James and Harry visiting us. They arrived yesterday, having left home in Sheffield very very early in the morning.

We had a lazy sort of day, with Harry playing football and James finding his frineds again on msn, writing a very strange from of English as far as I could tell. He had his mp3 played plugged into the computer and was playing loud rock.

Later on, just before bed, I showed them the record collection, which neither of them knew how to 'work'. I took one, which happened to be Led Zepellin 4 and played When The Levee Breaks on the record player. A very crackly, raw sound came out of the one speaker which still works... but it sounded like REAL music... but that's maybe just because I am bcoming increasingly old fashioned.

Before that we all had a delicious pasts dinner - orechiette with a sauce of dried tomato paste, tomato pulp and tomatoes. Was delicious. The blackbirds were working full-time to feed their chicks in the nest above, bringing in worm after worm to the nest. I had to chase away two aggressive looking magpies who were poised to pounce earlier this morning, let us hope, for good.


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