Monday, March 06, 2006

She does it again!

Three friends at the mosque 2
Three friends at the mosque 2
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Rita Verdonk, Minister for Immigration and Integration, member of the Liberal Freedom Party... the one who a couple of weeks ago wanted us all to speak Dutch on the streets and who wants to ban the burqa. Her.

What's she done now?

Well, she has decided to turn down asylum requests from a number of gay people from Iran and now she wants to send them back. Amazing!

Apparently there was some mumbling about homosexuality not being a crime in Iran. However, we saw what happened to a couple of young gay men in Iran last August when they were hanged. Just a question of making up some charges and hanging them. This was an internationally renowned incident and tht silly lady in The Hague in her ivory tower didn't notice. Nor her civil servants. Its just too bad.


Blogger Brian said...

Dear Charles and Fred:
I am so glad I live in Canada, where we are free to live our lifes.

31 March, 2006 21:07  

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