Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cattle market, Harar

Cattle market, Harar
Cattle market, Harar
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Harar is loud, colourful, busy, chaotic, full of colourful people, colourful shops, colourful mosques.

People shout out faranji (foreigner), or YOU! or hold out a hand and ask for money (well they have bene given so much over the years). But they are friendly and like to stop for a chat. It is nothing like as bad as certain people were telling us, although it may get a bit wearying day-after-day. It took us ten seconds, twice to be greeted by an 'official' guide when we stepped out of the hotel.

We came across this cattle market on the edge of town. Proud men and women standing around with their bulls. Not much trading going on it seemed but we were offered the best bull for just 2,000 Birr (about EUR 200) and goats from 150-250 Birr, depending on how fat they were.

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